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Русские в Париже. 1814 г. Картинки и карикатуры.

Le Russe prenant une leçon de grace à Paris
Русский офицер прихорашивается, денщик тут же.

Русские офицеры в пале-Рояль и проститутки


---------------------RUSSIAN SOLDIERS----------------------

------------A.Sauerweid, Paris 1814-------------------------

----------------ELBERFELD MANUSCRIPT-----------------------------

Depiction of the Soldiers Passing through Elberfeld between
11/9/ 1813 - 4/14/1819

Донские казаки и крестьяне-казаки


"Pavlov Grenadier
Paris: H. Gautier, c. 1815. H. Gautier (publisher)

Le courrier Russeprint; Paul André Basset (Published by); Noel Dieudonné Finart (After); A Russian rider on horseback charging across the countryside.

----------------------Бытовые сценки -----------------

Est-ce ça? Officiers et soldats Russes Это он?
Satire on Russian soldiers in Paris: a group of ten Russians showing a wide range of types of costume. July 1814

Collection de costumes dessinés d'après nature / Adieux d'un Russe à une Parisienne
a Russian soldier in green coat is bowing before a French woman wearing a striped shawl on a yellow coat, and a white hat with peak and flowers. 1814
Hand-coloured aquatint

Print made by Auguste Blanchard fils aîné
After Noel Dieudonné Finart
Satire: a young Russian officer paying court to a French lady who is seen from behind, carrying a parasol.
August 1815

Les Russes en bonne fortune
Jean Baptiste Genty (Published by); Satire on Russian soldiers in Paris

Les Russes à Paris Комплименты дамам.
French. Russian soldiers on horseback present their compliments to two French ladies who appear uninterested. July 1814

La manière de faire deux heureux
Англичанин с дамой, но предпочтение и руку она дает русскому офицеру.
Satire: a fat English soldier pays court to a French lady, unaware that she is holding out her other hand to a dashing Russian officer. August 1817

Le Russe prenant une leçon de grace à Paris
Русский офицер прихорашивается, денщик тут же.
Satire: a young Russian officer with his servant seated beside him being taught deportment in front of two mirrors by a French lady. March 1815

Русские офицеры в пале-Рояль и проститутки-
Satire; a bashful young Russian officer is presented by a more knowing comrade to two prostitutes in front of the arcade of the Palais Royal, while his horrified servant tries to pull him away. September 1814
Print made by Adrien Godefroy

Англичане и русские в Париже.
Satire on foreign soldiers in Paris: a group of four English and Scottish officers greet each other, with a party of ten Russians in the background and four English tourists on the right. August 1814
Hand-coloured etching

Fashion plate by French artist Francois Courboin entitled 'Cossack Encampment on the Champs Elysees,' Paris, France, 1814.

Русский денди- царь, карикатура на форму.
A Russian Dandy a scene at Aix la Chapelle
Wellington and the Tsar stand facing each other, the former wearing grotesque uniform like that of the Tsar, more exaggerated than in No. 13007, with his own towering cocked hat with field-marshal's plume.
Print made by William Heath

--------------------- солдаты--------------------

satirical print; print; Théodore Sauvé (Print made by); Satire on the occupation of Paris: a motley collection of Russian soldiers
Satire on the occupation of Paris: a motley collection of Russian soldiers with their carts, livestock and horses enter Paris through the Barrière de Pantin. September 1814

Chacun son tour, d'après nature au Pont-Neuf à Paris 1814

Русским делает стрижку собачий парикмахер на мосту Pont-Neuf( там предлагали свои услуги разные мастеровые, продавцы и ремесленники).
Print made by Henri Gérard-Fontallard
Satire: two Russian soldiers take turns to have their hair cut by a lady who specialises in grooming dogs and cats. December 1814

La cuisine des Cosaques
Кухня у казаков.
Satire: seven Russian soldiers seated around a cooking pot over an open fire. August 1814
Hand-coloured etching

Казаки в Лондоне.
John Bull and the Cossacks in London. Satirist 1st May 1813

Plate from the 'Satirist'. A Cossack stands in a London street, holding an enormously long spear in his left hand, his right hand is grasped by John Bull


Plate; hard-paste porcelain; painted in the well of the plate with a horseman wearing a green conical hat and a red coat and holding a lance jumping across a log in a snowy battlefield with soldiers fighting in the far distance

Factory of P L Dagoty
Factory in Paris
Plate; hard-paste porcelain; painted in the well of the plate with a soldiers in a green uniform and hat, a sword at his side and carrying a bayonet in a snowy wooded landscape with troops fighting in the distance

Русские казаки в Париже.1814.Картинки и бытовые сценки- тут:

Русская кампания. Галерея:

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